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spaniard teacher Hello!! My name is Clara and I am from Valencia in Spain. I hold a degree in Spanish language and literature (Licenciatura en Filología Hispánica), the teaching competence certificate from Spain (CAP) and the QTS (Qualified teacher status certificate for England and Wales) which allows me to teach Spanish in the UK from Primary School to A Levels.I have experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language both in Wales and In Spain.

My aim is to enable my students to communicate in a natural and fluent way in Spanish. Speaking fluently is what we all want when we decided to learn a  foreign language and this will be our "target". Without neglecting the study of grammar, you will learn Spanish by using the Target language all the time, using live and real situations. Moreover, if you are not far from Valencia and you're happy to take my in-class lessons, we will make hundreds of cultural visits.

I am qualified by Instituto Cervantes as well to teach Spanish as a foreign language an I have a strong background and excellent motivation and dynamism. I also have a desire to keep learning a little more about languages teaching each day.

In addition, I always try to choose pleasant topics which relate to current social and cultural factors that make lessons more enjoyable and interesting for students.

My profesional commitment

I offer tailor-made distance-learning courses, in-class courses and courses delivered at home.

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