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General Spanish Lessons

We offer different types of lessons depending on students' needs and levels. We can help you prepare for school exams, homework, work interviews, oral exams, etc. You can learn Spanish individually with our Spanish One-to-one Online sessions where the lesson will be tailored to your specific needs. But if you know a person with your…
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KS3, GCSE and A LEVELS revision

KS3, GCSE and A Levels lessons  are especially designed to help the students at the intense preparation of their A level or GCSE exams. We combine the benefits of personal tuition and group study, but at the same time the students have much more fun. We advance their spoken and written skills and give them…
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DELE exams preparation

The aim of these lessons is  to prepare the students for the DELE exams. We will provide students with information and practice exercises tailored to their level, in order to face the last step in the process of learning Spanish: the DELE exam. These online lessons are  specially focused in practice  for the oral tests.
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Spanish for Holidays

SFH lessons are aimed at complete beginners who would like to reach survival level in Spanish quickly. It will cover the vocabulary and language structures necessary to give students basic communication skills when travelling in Spain or other Spanish speaking country. The lessons will be set around typical tourist and holidays situations, and include specific…
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